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How to use CoinCooler

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Generating new cold storage addresses

Generating new cold storage files is easy. Just click the "Generate Cold Storage Files" button GenerateThis will generate a list such asListusing the default settings:

You can override those by using the Advanced Options

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Getting familiarized with the list of Addresses

The list of Addresses and Keys looks like this:List

You can expose the private key and the encryption password by clicking on themList with pk pass

Download cold storage files to USB memory sticksList with download

Click on the QR icon to get the full QR codeList with qr

Control the size of the list and download password shares by using our advanced features.List with advanced

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Downloading cold storage files

CoinCooler is designed for digital Cold-Storage files. CoinCooler serves as a safe, dedicated offline environment where addresses and private keys can be generated and encrypted without the possibility of a hacker ever getting to them.

The offline generated cold storage files are then downloaded to USB memory sticks, directly from the list.

You can download the private keys file either encrypted or unencrypted, as well as the password file, or potentially, password shares file(s).List with advancedFinally, you can download the (shareable) list of addressesDownload addresseswhich you can use to send money into cold storage.

Multiple copies can be kept in safe places for redundancy. Encrypted files can even be brought online for more availablity and redundancy.

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Inspecting the content of cold storage files

You can inspect the content of cold storage files that where previously generated with CoinCooler.

First, you need to upload the fileInspect

If the file is unencrypted, you can click on the inspect button Inspect unencrypted

to view its contentDownload links in list

In addition to displaying the keys and addresses, CoinCooler gives you a link to download the private key of each cold storage address, which comes in handy when you need to spend the funds.

If the file is encrypted, you will be presented with a few options for decryption:Inspect with password

The first option is to type in your password Inspect with pass keyboard

A second option is to upload a password fileInspect with pass file

Finally, you can upload a number of password shares from which your password can be reconstructed (watch video here)Inspecting with 2 shares

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Sending bitcoins to cold storage

Sending bitcoins to cold storage is, by definition, the process of sending bitcoins to addresses whose private keys were safely generated (and possibly encrypted) without ever making contact with the internet.

With CoinCooler you can download the addresses file to a USB stickDownload addresses

The addresses file Addresses filecan be safely uploaded to an online computer where you can use any online wallet to send bitcoins.

Alternatively, you can inspect the content of the addresses file or of the keys file with CoinCooler and then use a wallet application on your smartphone to send bitcoins to any of the addresses using the QR codeAddress qr

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Retrieving bitcoins from cold storage

In order to retrieve your coins from a cold storage address, all you need is the private key of that address.

The private key for each of the cold storage addresses created with CoinCooler can be gleaned by uploading the cold storage file for inspection.

From the list, you can glean the private key in one of three ways.

  • Reading it off the screenReading pk
  • Scan the QR codePk qr
  • Download it to a USB memory stickPk download

Once you have the private key handy, you can use many online/mobile wallets that let you import a private key, as you would do with a Paper Wallet. For example, you can use (scroll down to "Step 5. Spending The Coins") or the excellent Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet.

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CoinCooler Advanced options

CoinCooler advanced features include:Advanced options

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